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Incredible Advocate

Zillow 5 Star Agent badgeWe were looking for a property in Phoenix while living in Santa Fe, and long-distance house-hunting was a challenge. Jackie knows the Phoenix area so well, and quickly understood exactly the type of property we were looking for. As always, the deal was a nail-biting time, however Jackie’s negotiation skills kept it alive. She was an incredible advocate for us, and we are very thankful to have worked with her.

07/01/2017 – jwotton21

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Jackie Is Creative Yet Tactfully Assertive

Zillow 5 Star Agent badgeOnce I contacted Jackie, she was immediately engaged asking questions that would assist her in understanding my needs in finding a home in Scottsdale area. She quickly started providing buying options for me after a thorough review of the property. Site visits were efficiently done with alot of advance planning on Jackie’s part. Jackie represented us on the purchase of our home and was creative yet tactfully assertive in representing our proposal to the seller. We were successful in our first bid due to Jackie’s skilled negotiation. She assisted us with insurance recommendations etc since we are moving from outside the Scottsdale area and has gone out of her way to assist us with relocation . You will be pleased being represented by Jackie!!

06/24/2017 – susansflanagan1

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Jackie Is Very Responsive And Efficient

Zillow 5 Star Agent badgeOnce the property was found, Jackie and I made an appointment to view. She brought offer papers with her. My bid was accepted. The entire transaction was complete within a few weeks. This was the fastest, easiest property I have ever bought. In addition, Jackie is no pressure, knowledgable, and a joy to work with. She offered many needed contacts and discussed ways to improve the property. I have used many of her suggestions. Jackie is very responsive and efficient. I live 350 miles from the property and all the paperwork was handled via docusign. She even delivered the keys to the property to my son’s home. I am very fortunate to have met a detail oriented and extremely competent realator.

06/19/2017 – sallyholletaylor

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Sold Within A Week

Zillow 5 Star Agent badgeJackie blocked out large amounts of time over several weekends to help us find our home. Jackie’s tips to declutter our home paid off… we sold our home in 7 days. If you are looking for a friendly agent that will work on your timeframe without a lot of pressure, Jackie is the one for you. (She is also great with children!!! Our little boy loved to be with her while we looked through houses.)

03/20/2017 – rmbaumann

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Always Available And Always Professional

Zillow 5 Star Agent badgeJackie was a wonderful realtor! She was always available, always professional, and seemed to care quite a bit about finding us the perfect home. We used the Redfin application to help us find homes we wanted to look at, but at the end of the day it was Jackie’s suggestion that ended up being the winner. 10/10 would use her services again!

03/14/2017 – zuser20150122084031921

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Tips for Homebuyers with Student Debt

Desert Ridge condos photoIf you’re thinking about buying a home but concerned your student loan debt is going to be a barrier to your success, don’t worry. Although you may need to rethink how you go about buying a home with a lot of student loan debt, having these kinds of loans doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up on your dream. Check out these tips to help you realize your goals a lot sooner than you might think.

Ask for a pre-approval

Talk to your lender about the options you have before you ever go shopping. It’s a good idea to know exactly what your budget is and be sure you’re looking in the right price range before you see a million-dollar home you fall in love with and find out you can’t possibly afford. Doing this also looks better to potential sellers who will be happy to work with someone who has already been approved by a lender.

Work on your credit score:  Having a massive student loan debt is definitely going to impact your credit score, but there are other things you can do to resolve this problem. Pay down balances you may already have on your credit cards. And as soon as you decide to start looking into buying a home, stop putting anything on credit for the time being. If you’re married or live with a family member who is willing, you may be able to be added to someone’s established and well-paid credit card as an authorized user. This will help your credit score, too.

Refinance your loans:  This isn’t an option that works for everyone, and in some cases, consolidation and refinancing may actually end up making you pay more in the long run. However, if you’re worried about your student loan debt, it pays to talk to someone experienced about possibly refinancing and lowering your monthly loan payment. There are some programs that can do this for you with no problem, but there are also scams out there, so be sure to talk to a professional before you sign up for anything.

Improve your debt-to-income ratio:  This term refers to the amount of money you earn per month in relation to the amount of money you spend per month. For example, if you make $3500 a month and your bills and other debt add up to $1260 per month, your debt-to-income ratio is 36%. This is usually the highest this number can be to qualify for a traditional loan. It can be a little higher if you’re getting a loan from the FHA. If you’re having trouble getting this number low enough, you can either refinance some of your existing debt, work to pay off some of your debt, or consider finding ways to make more money—such as a second job, if that’s something you’re willing and able to do.

If you are considering buying a home and getting pre-qualified, contact me!  I can connect you with our trusted, preferred lender.