Fur children (our dogs) and dog parks…

Today I decided to take Tucker and Sunny to Paradise Valley dog park. As I got them ready putting their leashes on my 14 year old fur child Sassy just wimpered and layed by my husbands feet. She loves to go to the park with us but not the dog park. She is getting old and can’t run around like she used to. But the other two are raring to go! We are fortunate to have quite a few dog parks in the Phoenix Metro Area to choose from. My last count shows 36 dog parks!

I recommend finding several dog parks close by and going and checking them out. Many now have two fenced dog parks. One for the little dogs and one for big dogs. Check to see if there is water available Many have double water fountain-one for pups and one for humans! Some parks just have a water spiggot to fill bowls. Check to see if the area is well maintained-make sure it has grass and not a dust bowl or mud bath. Look for a shade structure and trees.

New to the area or thinking about making the move to the Phoenix area? For information on the 36 dog parks contact me at [email protected]

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What the Baby Boomers are looking for …

I work with many out of state buyers looking for a second home as well as empty nesters wanting to downsize.  Neville and Sharon are a couple I recently worked with from California looking to downsize from their current home. We looked at various communities in North Scottsdale looking for the right home. After our three day house hunt we found the right home and the views they were looking for in Troon.

The number one thing I am finding is that this sector of home buyers are looking for 3000 square foot or less one-story homes. They have had the big house and are now want a smaller, more manageable home. Home builders have responded and are building smaller homes. In order to get the new smaller homes baby boomer buyers are having look further outside of the initial area they wanted to be in.

Recently we found a rare professionally remodeled home in North Scottsdale’s Ancala West/Ancala Country Club for $760,000 3000 SF 1-story with pool that surpasses anything in Scottsdale in this price range!

Solar Panels…Are they a good investment? What you need to know.

So you agree to meet with the solar company that called and they are offering solar panels to you at no initial cost. They say that they will save you significant money on your electric bills. You want to save money and our planet so you sign up. Then a few years later you decide to sell the house. You just know that those solar panels will help sell your home and at a higher price…Right?

That’s not always the case… the buyer really likes your home, then their real estate agent tells them that they will need to qualify to take over your solar lease payments for the next 15 to 17 years! If they don’t qualify for the solar lease they can’t buy your house.  Or another scenario unfolds…the buyers won’t make an offer unless you buy out the remaining lease payments…OUCH! This can be tens of thousands of dollars! They are worried about the solar equipment-what if it needs to be repaired? What will it cost me? Will I really save that much money on my electric bills?

Be aware of the potential challenges with buying or leasing solar panels and make sure you understand before you sign on the dotted line!

Scorpions…are they really that bad?

When we moved here 18 years ago I was thrilled to not have all of the mosquitoes, flies and various bugs that we had back in North Carolina. The kids being able to play outside without a heavy dousing of off spray! Shortly after we moved here I was at my children’s school & heard a woman talking about scorpions. Her description of them sounded like the beginning of the apocalypse! Were they that bad? Were they going to attack my children and pets?

If you are moving to the Phoenix area, rest assured that scorpions are not crawling around everywhere you look as some people believe.

Get to Know Scorpions… (as found on tripsavvy)

Scorpions have four pairs of legs. They also have pincers that look like little lobster claws. Scorpions come in many sizes and colors, but most of the ones you’ll see in Arizona are usually pale gold or tan in color & are less than 3 inches long. Scorpions hide under rocks or debris. They live in crawl spaces.

They are active and feed at night. The scorpions that are native to Arizona typically eat spiders, insects and each other, if they are hungry enough.

  • They hide during the day. Check your shoes and clothes before putting them on if you live in an area where there are likely to be scorpions.
  • If you live in an area where there is a lot of construction, you may be more likely to find scorpions inside because their outdoor habitat has been disturbed.
  • They can live for months on water only. Because they are looking for water, you may find them in or under sinks or tubs.

Here are some common sense tips that will help control scorpions.

  • Close or caulk door openings, screen openings, and window cracks so scorpions can’t get into the house.
  • Dust and vacuum in corners and normally undisturbed places where scorpions hide.
  • Eliminate the scorpion’s prey (crickets, spiders, and other insects) by using common pesticides.
  • Eliminate outdoor places where scorpions can hide, such as trash piles, rock piles, decaying wood or piles of junk.
  • Don’t walk around the house at night in bare feet.


Notre Dame Prep schol photo

Private Schools in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, Arizona is a great place for families. While the public school system is always a good option, you may find that you prefer to send your kids to something a little different. And if you’re interested in private schools, Scottsdale is definitely the place to be. This area features some of the best and most celebrated private schools in the region with plenty of options for kids of all ages who live nearby, too. We’ll give you a brief rundown of your options when it comes to choosing the perfect private school in the Scottsdale area.

El Dorado Private School

El Dorado Private School, located in Scottsdale, has been around since 1970 and continues to offer high-quality education to students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school grades. This is a smaller school that cultivates a sense of family and close bonds between all the teachers, students, and parents. Kids do great in this school and feel accomplished with their work when they take part in the good education from this establishment.

Notre Dame Prep schol photoNotre Dame Preparatory High School

If you’d like to send your children to one of the most technologically savvy private schools in the Scottsdale area, take a look at Notre Dame Preparatory High School. This Catholic school provides a safe and secure learning environment that leaves most students feeling happy with their school surroundings. It offers plenty of fun clubs and extracurricular activities for kids who want to do a little more outside the classroom, too. Many parents have reported their children’s grades improving after making a change to this quality school.

Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Rounding out our examples of great private schools in Scottsdale is Rancho Solano Preparatory School, another popular choice. This school incorporates all grades, from preschool through 12th grade, and ranked as the number two best private K-12 school in Arizona in 2016. The school functions like a traditional school but can also be used as a boarding school for students who need to stay on-site as well. This is one of the most expensive private schools in Scottsdale.

The right school can be tough to find, but with some good information to help you get started, you should be well on your way to picking the perfect education for your kids as soon as possible. Don’t forget to ask around and look for reviews as well as word of mouth recommendations for schools you might want to check out in your area.

Click here to learn about Scottsdale homes and neighborhoods and view homes for sale listings.

modern kitchen photo

Top 5 Remodel Projects To Add Value To Your Home

Whether you are planning to stay put or put your home on the market, consider which projects will add the most value to your home.

  1. modern kitchen photoKitchen remodel–For many families the kitchen is the heart of the home. According to HGTV, you can expect to recoup 60-120 percent of your investment.
  2. Adding or updating a bathroom–Lack of adequate bathrooms can be a huge turn off for the potential buyer. HGTV estimates you can recoup 80-130 percent of the cost to remodel or add a bathroom.
  3. Create a great work space–Working from home is becoming increasingly common. Adding or remodeling a great work space in your home can make all the difference.
  4. Paint–A fresh coat of paint with warm inviting colors can make the home feel new again.
  5. Energy efficiency upgrades–This is a huge benefit in many areas. If you are selling in 2016, it can give you the edge over the competition.

I offer professional staging services to my clients  At times, decluttering and rearranging furniture is all that’s needed.  Sometimes, a small remodel project can yield significant returns.  My stager will be able to evaluate your home and give her best recommendation as to what home buyers are paying attention and help get your home ready for showings.

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